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We create brand loyalty for your organization through authentic story-driven video production.

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Your story is the best story.

We are a team of creatives based in Waco, Texas.
We believe that everyone is unique and wonderful.
Our passion is helping others see that truth through authentic and compelling story-driven videos.

the ten31creative team

"We are so very satisfied every time  with the excellence, care, messaging, and artistry of his work."

"Our church staff and I have worked with and contracted with Silas and Ten31Creative many times. We are so very satisfied every time (every time!) with the excellence, care, messaging, and artistry of his work. I would recommend him to you in the highest way possible."

John durham, highland baptist church

"Working with Silas and his team was so effective and helpful for our business."

"As a brand identity company, we have a high value for visual story telling excellence, and to be quite frank, Ten 31 exceeded our expectations and gave us a product that has helped us build trust and land better clients than ever before.

And, oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, they're a whole lot of fun & will have you laughing the whole way through."

Jess Hannan, outpour

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Want a unique way to capture your event? Rent our rotating 360 photo booth! This unique experience is a fun way to video moments and memories you'll want to keep forever.

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